About Us

Who We Are

Trans In Color is an organization dedicated to the empowerment of trans masculine people of color by giving them a voice and visibility through mental, emotional, and tangible support.  We are based in Washington, DC and work with individuals all over the world.













Why We Do It

We do this because there is a war on people of color in America and there is also a war on trans people in America. Just imagine being affected by both.  In addition to feeling the pressure of being black and trans, trans men are underrepresented within the LGBTQ+ community and often struggle with finding a support system.  Many trans men of color have been alienated and disowned by their families and we are here to give them the courage and support to grow despite the adversities they face since finding it within the mainstream community has proven to be difficult.  We do this to show trans men of color that they have a safe platform to discuss their successes and struggles with others who can relate.




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What We Offer

Weekly support group

Weekly podcast

Bi-monthly articles in FTM Magazine

Personalized TBuddy Sessions

Clothing drives

Housing assistance

Help finding trans friendly physicians & mental health professionals

Health insurance resources & assistance

Assistance in registering to vote

Product giveaways to followers

Free/low cost top surgery & self-harm scar cover-up tattoos