Trans In Color

Trans In Color is an organization dedicated to the empowerment of transmasculine BIPOC by giving them a voice through peer, emotional, and tangible support.  We provide a safe environment for visibility and aim to uplift our Tribe by providing resources such as peer support and networking opportunities.


Trans In Color was founded in 2017 by Dani Farrell after he recognized the need for a nationwide community among transmasculine BIPOC. Because there is a war on trans people and people of color in America a community was needed to address the issues specific to transmasculine BIPOC. In addition to feeling the pressure of being a BIPOC in America this marginalized group is still underrepresented and alienated within the LGBTQ+ community and often struggles finding a support system. Trans In Color will continue to show transmasculine BIPOC that they have a safe platform to discuss their successes and struggles with others who can relate.

The Trans In Color Tribe is made up of trans masculine BIPOC and allies from all over the world. Below are just a few of the amazing people who make up this network. If you want to join this community you can subscribe, join our open forum, or visit our Instagram page. If you are a transmasculine  BIPOC you can also be featured on our Instagram Page.

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The trans in color tribe

the founder

Dani Farrell (he/they)

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Dani Farrell is just your average guy who cares about the people in his community.  In 2017 he founded Trans In Color because he saw the need for a close network of transmasculine BIPOC who could virtually network and share their experiences. He is also the Founder of TBuddy, the first virtual 24/7 peer support network for trans masculine people. In 2020 he was honored to serve as the Sr. Strategy Director for the National Trans Visibility March and also serves as the Chief Administrative Officer for Trans Solutions Research & Resources. Last, Dani is the co-founder of BTrans Media, a Media & Marketing company that specializes in the needs of the trans community.