A safe housing initiative by Trans In Color

The mission of Operation Obsidian is to provide a safe and stable place for disenfranchised transmasculine people of color, while prioritizing BIPOC. In addition to housing, Trans In Color will help each individual obtain health insurance and training through the local workforce development program which will help them in sustaining a successful life

Purchase at least 6 homes in rural Maryland where we can provide safe housing to BIPOC transmasculine individuals for a period of 6-12 month


To provide safe & permanent housing to BIPOC transmasculine youth until they reach age 18

Obtain health insurance for each individual who is housed Enroll each individual in a workforce development program if they do not have a job

To house 48-96 transmasculine individuals each year and provide them will life skills to live independently once they leave

To provide the 24 hour support resources through our service TBuddy as a means to mitigate suicide risks and depression by implementing continuous support