A TBuddy™ is the friend and support system that every trans man needs!  Whether you are having an amazing day, or you're feeling down, your TBuddy™ will be there for you.


As a transmasculine person in this world it is imperative to have an outlet and to pay attention to your mental health.  Part of taking care of your mental health is talking about your feelings.  You can't hold everything in.  

That is exactly why we are here for you!  We understand some of us have days when we struggle with dysphoria and just want someone to talk to.  We understand that when you've had an awesome day you want to share that news with someone.  We understand how much it means to share special life events with someone.  We understand that sometimes it helps to get advice from someone who has been in your shoes.  


That is exactly why we are here for you!  We want to be the support system we all need

We offer the following TBuddy™  services:


  • Weekly Support Group

  • Weekly Podcast

  • Phone Support

  • Text Support

  • Skype Support

  • In Person Support

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